0.19.4 breaks high DPI awareness

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Interface is now huge, while some bits retain their correct size (menus). The program is unusable. i'm reverting to the previous version.

In all likeliness, the alleged bug-fix about "Supporting high DPI" is precisely what un-supported high DPI on my configuration.

Many programs, which are not really high DPI-aware, break my configuration with high DPI issues. Quite RSS was spotless on this ground up to now.

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, Custom DPI Setting = 150 %, Use Windows XP-Style Scaling = No. (After a lot of trial and error, those settings are necessary for me. They are what provides the best combination of usable display, and compatibility with most programs.) 24" monitor, 1920 x 1200.

Amen! The problem is QT.

Amen! The problem is QT.
qBittorrent ran into the same problem, and had to rush out a fix.
You may want to check out what was done there.
In the meantime I'm forced to go back to the prior version.

I saw your post on the forum

I saw your post on the forum of qBittorrent. At first sight, the size offset I get is much bigger than in your screenshots.

I guess we will have to wait till this is corrected...

Try test version: https:/
Thank you, but this gives the

Thank you, but this gives the same result.

Send screenshots

Send screenshots

I have now prepared some

I have now prepared some screenshots, but for the life of me, I can't see how to upload them. Can someone help ?

Edit : all right, here goes :

Quite RSS v.0.19.3 - Good

Quite RSS v.0.19.4 - Bad

If there is a way to upload these screenshots on the forum and you want me to do it, please tell me how to do it.

0.19.3: https://i.imgur.com


The huge font size in the browser panel, in your second screenshot, is exactly what I got when I first installed the new version, and noticed that something was wrong (I use the portable version, actually).

For some reason, I did not get the same effect with my screenshots. I made a special test install for those, with custom test feeds as well, for privacy reasons. I suppose it's linked to the site where the feeds originate.

Try test version: https:/
Unfortunately, the result is

Unfortunately, the result is the same.

Possibly with the exception of the browser panel, where the font size is more reasonable right away, although I'm not sure this is dependent on the program and not on the settings.


> Try test version: https://yadi.sk/d/yBnwDp7iTsvQhg

0.19.3: https://i.imgur.com/wF7lQpu.png
Settings I use: https://i.imgur.com/DHkfDfM.png https://i.imgur.com/Otnt6g0.png

0.19.4 (21.04.2020) Revision 3905: https://i.imgur.com/FJPUVMt.png

UPDATE: My 14" display panel is 2560 x 1440.

@ JNavas

@ JNavas
> 0.19.4 (21.04.2020) Revision 3905: https://i.imgur.com/FJPUVMt.png

Everything looks good

It does not. The icons are

It does not. The icons are much larger, the line spacing has become huge, the browser fonts are huge in some situations... The difference is obvious. Everything is offset and out of balance.


> Everything looks good

I beg to differ. But no matter, I'll just keep on using 0.19.3. Have a nice day.

Try new test version: https:/

Try new test version: https://yadi.sk/d/yBnwDp7iTsvQhg

Still too big:

Still too big:
0.19.4 (21.04.2020) Revision 3906: https://i.imgur.com/pwo0bfU.png

I fully returned the changes

I fully returned the changes as 0.19.3 ))

Good to hear, thank you.

Good to hear, thank you.
Does that mean there will be a new release of 0.19.4?
Or will that be in 0.19.5?

You do not understand me.

You do not understand me. https://quiterss.org/en/comment/4658#comment-4658 here is the same as in 0.19.3

Yes, but on my High DPI

Yes, but on my High DPI display it's not the same as 0.19.3, as shown in my screen capture, making it unusable. Will this be fixed? Or must I just stay with 0.19.3?

There must be some difference

There must be some difference, though. I tested your last version,, and it still breaks the display of the last good version, 0.19.3.

The result is the same as the first issue of 0.19.4. Here are the screenshots :

v.0.19.3 - Good - Proper size

v. - Bad - Too big

Note that v.0.19.3 was not perfect. Some icons were too small, and the default fonts of the browser panel were too small, too. But it was workable.

However, v.0.19.4 (all versions of it) has huge icons, and huge fonts and spacing. It's just not usable.

I have hundreds of feeds and thousands of news items. I need to see many of them at the same time on the screen, otherwise I can't use them.

Quite RSS is the last powerful desktop program remaining for users who heavily rely on RSS. It would be a pity to lose it.

Here are again my computers' specs : 24" monitor, 1920 x 1200.
Note that this is not even high DPI ; it's the Windows settings which make the configuration sensitive to programs which are not high DPI-aware.
Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.
Custom DPI Setting = 150 %
Use Windows XP style DPI scaling = No

JNavas suggested that Qt

JNavas suggested that Qt might be at fault. Maybe a new version of it broke high DPI-awareness ?

qBittorrent reverted to Qt 5

qBittorrent reverted to Qt 5.13.2, which fixed High DPI as a side effect.

Discussion of Qt High DPI issues: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/highdpi.html

That Qt broke existing applications is (in my opinion) a huge black mark against Qt.
"First, do no harm." Backward compatibility should be sacred.

From: https://www.qbittorrent.org/news.php
Wednesday April 1st 2020 - qBittorrent v4.2.3 release
qBittorrent v4.2.3 was released.
It contains various fixes from v4.2.2 regarding scaling on HiDPI monitors, some VPN issues and UNC path handling. Torrents with broken UNC paths will be fixed when you run this release.
On Windows, Qt 5.13.2 is used because of a regression regarding VPNs that affects RSS and Search functionality. Due to this, the scaling behavior on HiDPI monitors will be the same as in v4.2.1 too.

Try new test version: https:/

Try new test version: https://yadi.sk/d/yBnwDp7iTsvQhg

Unfortunately, the result is

Unfortunately, the result is still the same.

Sorry, try this test version:

Sorry, try this test version: https://yadi.sk/d/yBnwDp7iTsvQhg
Send screenshots

That works here!

That works here!
0.19.3: https://i.imgur.com/NXk8CTc.png
0.19.4 (21.04.2020) Revision 3912: https://i.imgur.com/p82FNqO.png
Tiny browser fonts are the same as 0.19.3, easily fixed in Settings.
Thank you!

That does it, it's back to

That does it, it's back to normal. Many thanks, and congratulations for the program !

While we're at it, if I may offer a suggestion... This is a very powerful and customizable piece of software. The total lack of an online help section is all the more unfortunate. There are many tricks in there which beg to be discovered. It's not always enough to rely on the user interface to understand how the program works... just a hint if time becomes available at some point.

@ JNavas : thank you for your help in this. May I ask what settings you use for the browser fonts ?

For my Settings, see Comment

For my Settings, see Comment #12

p.s. My thanks and congratulations as well!

Thanks. For the browser

Thanks. For the browser settings, I have found that I just need to apply whatever font I like best in Font Families / Standard, and to set the size in Font Size / Minimum Font Size. By default, this is set at zero. 22 gives a nice result.