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I wonder if it is possible to port over some addons from firefox into QuietRSS's embedded browser?

I see that there is the functionality to disable java script, but it would be nice to be able to configure it like noscript (addon in Firefox) as some sites get broken when you disable java script. In a similar vein, would it be possible to add something like uBlock Origin addon in Firefox as well. I use that one a lot to block certain elements on webpages I frequently visit.

javascript can be disabled in

javascript can be disabled in the properties of each feed

I did see that, but I wasn't

I did see that, but I wasn't referring to a binary approach of all or none but to a rather more nuanced approach, where you want to be able to control what scripts on any page run. Many scripts are superfluous while some are integral to website you are viewing.

I gave noscript ( as an example as I'm sure many people are familiar with it. That addon is a good example of the level of control that would be nice in the browser. Same goes for uBlock Origin (