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Personally, I like having the embedded browser as it makes reading the news more convenient in one location rather than skipping back and forth between an external browser and QuiteRSS, so thank you!

That being said, it would be nicer to hide the browser and make the News List use the full screen. When clicking on a News title, it would then open the article in the browser that would pop out over the news list area. To go back to viewing the news list you could just click the 'x' on the pop out or click anywhere outside of the pop out. I suppose for those that don't like the embedded browser, when they click on a title it would just open in an external browser by default. See newsreader for an example of how the pop out works.

I think this would satisfy those who want the browser hidden as well as making better use of screen space.

In regards to using the

In regards to using the browser as it does in, i think the the optimal method of showing the news article is to just click on the title and have the news dropdown. See for a great example of how this is done.

In the next version will be:

In the next version will be: Option "View->Show/Hide->Browser"

Nice stuff and I'm sure that

Nice stuff and I'm sure that will please many!

What about changing how the browser is currently being used to show linked articles vs what I had mentioned above (i.e. Perhaps that's not really or easily possible?