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I would like to suggest an option to organize feeds (not only the news) by their last news date. I think this can help a lot to find obsolete feeds that no longer receive updates, but are still functional.

Anyway, QuiteRSS is already a very RSS reader. Thank you so much!



there is a workaround for this. You can get this information by using the SQLite command line interface
to access the QuiteRSS database feeds.db.

Not having any other information I assume you run QuiterSS on a Windows machine.
The following is based on this assumption.

Before doing anything please backup the files feeds.db and QuiteRSS.ini !!!
For the location of these files please refer to

Help -> About -> Tab "Information".

Please follow these instructions.

- Download the file sqlite3.exe from here

  and store it in a folder of your choice.
  i recommend a subfolder in the QuiteRSS main directory (f. e. \scripts).
- Go to this new folder and create a new text file.

- Open the text file and copy the following lines into it.
  SET dbFilePath=""
  SET command="select updated, text, title from feeds order by updated;"
  SET resultFilePath="feeds.txt"
  sqlite3 %dbFilePath% %command% > %resultFilePath%  

- Go to
  Help -> About -> Tab "Information"
  again and set the dbFilePath in the text file to the path you find for the database file.
  Keep the double quotes in the text file.
- Save the text file as f. e. feeds.bat. The file extension needs to be .bat.

Please close QuitesRSS. If you now perform a double-click on this file a file feeds.txt will be created
holding the required information.

Kind regards,