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I love this program!   It's so powerful and so easy to use!

I do have one problem now.   I was messing around with the installer and must have done something because every time if finished pulling in the RSS, it automatically closes.
I tried to uninstall the program, but when I reinstall, all my feeds come back in.  I try to delete the feeds and it closes again.

Clearly there is something wrong. 


Is there a way I can TOTALLY remove this program and start fresh?   I reallly want to use this!  


Please Help!!




if you face such problems with un-installing and re-installing QuiteRSS
there might be an issue with your system. You should check that out.

For a fresh start I recommend using the portable edition of QuiteRSS.
This can be found in our download area.

To avoid loosing your subcriptions you can export them to an OPML file from the old installation by

File -> Export Feeds...

and import them to the portable edition by

File -> Import Feeds...

If you want to keep the old data you can just copy the feeds.db from the old installation to the portable edition.
After the portable edition checks out fine you can just un-install the old installation.

Kind regards,


My system doesn't have an

My system doesn't have an issue uninstalling any other programs.   I just thought there could have been a cleaner for QuiteRSS that will scub the registry.

I'll try the Portable edition. 


Thank you for your assistance, Sheldon!  I appreciate it!!



To clean up the registry I

To clean up the registry I recommend using CCLeaner.

You can get it from here