Apply news filters (user-defined) automatically on feed update?

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I recently switched over to QuiteRSS from RSSOwl, and I find it to be really good alternative.

However the one feature I miss is automatic feed filtering on feed update.

I have set some filters to various feeds.

In RSSOwl, the filters would be auto-applied when the feed was updated. In QuiteRSS, I need to manually run the filter every few updates.

Is there an option to automate this so the filters run on every update automatically?

If not, how do I request for this feature enhancement? Please consider adding it in, it would improve an already great feed reader.



Everything should work  You

Everything should work Wink You can give links to screenshots?

I'm not sure about

I'm not sure about screenshots, because I cant predict what news will come in the feeds.

What happens is:

I have imported the RSS feed for the site: "" and set a filter to star any article with title containing "Daily Hardware Reviews".

Even thought this filter is active, the Daily Hardware Reviews articles are not starred automatically on update. They get starred when I click on "Run filter".

I have everything working

I have everything working Wink

I setup a sample feed to test

I setup a sample feed to test news filtering.

Here are screenshots to explain what happens:

1. The rule I have set for the required feeds:

2. Contents of the feed on update:

3. Contents of the feed after MANUALLY running filter (Run filter):

As you can see, the filters do not run automatically on the selected feeds. The items are not removed.
I'm pretty sure I have framed the rules correctly, since they work when I run them manually.

Do I need to change anything in settings?


Share a me a link to a feed.

Share a me a link to a feed. And file quiterss.ini

Link to feed: http://www

Link to feed:


Thanks for your time and effort.yes

 Any update? Waiting

 Any update? Waiting patiently for any info

Checked again with your

Checked again with your settings. I have everything working.

Oh? Which version?

Oh? Which version?


0.15.2 Wink

I'm running in portable mode.

I'm running in portable mode. Does that make a difference? Could it cause problems?

I upgraded, reloaded the feeds and setup the filters again... still not working.

Could you rar your working copy and post it here?

I'm not sure what is wrong with my installation.

You are using an assembly

You are using an assembly portableApps?





Use official assembly:

I installed the official

I installed the official assembly with the same settings and feeds. Still the same Sad

No auto apply filters.

Can you package and send me the installation you used to test? I'm not sure what is causing this.