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Another filter question:

I'm going to put in a new HDD and completely reinstall Windows and intend to configure all my programs instead of porting over settings and whatnot.  QuiteRSS is one that might be a problem, though.  I have many filters and though I don't mind typing them all back in, I really don't want to copy and paste them one by one into a text file beforehand.

Is there any way to export my filter list so that I can have them available as a reference without having to resort to a bunch of mind numbing copying and pasting?  I'd even settle for knowing in which file they're stored and parse though it myself.

Any joy on this?



the filter rules are stored in the QuiteRSS databade file feeds.db To setup a new QuiteRSS with your settings you can just copy the db file.
An export is not really necessary.

But of course you can export the filters by a SQLite db dump to get them as SQL queries.
Don't hesitate to ask for help if you see an advantage in that and face problems doing it.

Please backup the file QuiteRSS.ini, too.

kind regards,


Finally got around to doing

Finally got around to doing this yesterday and, to be honest, it's a lot more in depth than I'd hoped.  Having to corss-reference three or four tables to figure out what filter goes with which site...  There has to be a better way to do this than exporting the tables to spreadsheets (or text files) and going back and forth several dozen times.  I'm not proficient enough in SQL to query the DB and get it to spit out the info I need, so where would be a good place to start trying to learn that?

The easiest way to do this is

The easiest way to do this is by a db dump. That provides the whole db in SQL.
You can use f. e. the DB Browser for SQLite to do this..

Just go to
File -> Export -> Database to SQL file

The result of this query may

The result of this query may suit you.. select * from filters as a, filterConditions as b, filterActions as c where a.id = b.idFilter and b.idFilter = c.idFilter order by a.id You can mark all results and copy them to an editor of your choice.