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Hi community,
How to sort this?




the rules are already sorted in case-sensitive order first A-Z then a-z.
If you want to sort the rules in a non-case-sensitive alphabetic way you can try to use regular expressions.

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Quote: Hi, the rules are


You can use a regular

You can use a regular expression like


Usually I use the inversion regex for this because I want to apply the "Show Unread" filter for the news
So I f.e. set all news to read that are not equal to The.Walking.Dead using this


You need to set "Match all conditions" to add more rules like this in the same filter.



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I understand, but in practice


The definition of your filter

The definition of your filter depends on what you want to achieve at the end.

But you can't filter by labels in QuiteRss. You find the filters that can be applied to the news list
by opening the drop down box next to the filter symbol in the screen above.

Assuming that you want to filter all your favorite series from the incoming news list
so that you f.e. only see news for "Sleepy Hollow" and the "The Walking Dead" and skip the rest
I would recommend to use the following settings for your filter

- Match all condistiens
- Title           Regular expresiion       ^(?:(?!Sleepy.*Hollow.S[0-9][0-9]).)*$
- Title           Regular expresiion       ^(?:(?!The.*Walking.*Dead.S[0-9][0-9]).)*$
- Mark News as Read

If you apply this filter to your feed and switch to the news list you can use the filter "Show Unread"
from the drop down box next to the filter symbol in the screen above.
Afterwards you will only see news for  "Sleepy Hollow" and the "The Walking Dead" in the news list.

This filter can now be easily extended by adding a new condition of the same kind for an other show to the filter.

By this filter method all other news will be marked as "Read". If you don't like the news to be marked like this

you can alternatively use "Add Star" instead of "Mark As Read". But you need to switch to the inverse logic.

This means to use this settings

- Match any condistiens
- Title           Regular expresiion        ^(?=.*(?:Sleepy.*Hollow.S[0-9][0-9])).*$
- Title           Regular expresiion        ^(?=.*(?:The.*Walking.*Dead.S[0-9][0-9])).*$
- Add Star

and the news filter "Show Starred" instead of "Show Unread".