QuiteRSS 0.18.0 (12.07.2015)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Switch to Qt5
  • Main: Embedded browser - WebKit 538.1
  • Main: SQLite Library 3.8.10
  • Added: Applying folder properties to feed being added
  • Added: Folder property - feeds quantity
  • Changed: Update feed performance is increased
  • Changed: Feeds tree performance is increased
  • Changed: CPU load is reduced
  • Changed: Memory consumption of Webkit is reduced
  • Changed: AdBlock is updated
  • Changed: Maximum size of disk cache is increased to 300 MB
  • Changed: Image scale saving (news.css)
  • Changed: DB saving while minimizing to system tray
  • Fixed: Bigger font in notification
  • Fixed: Filter operating with Description condition of some Atom-feeds
  • Fixed: Action of news multiple selection
  • Fixed: Restoring column size in news list
  • Fixed: Description of some Atom-feeds
  • Fixed: Connect to DB using new connection name
  • Fixed: Setting browser scale when opening several tabs
  • Fixed: Shortcut "Ctrl-Shift-Backtab"
  • Fixed: Mark Read news when switching feed/folder/tab
  • Fixed: Click2Flash. Play video at YouTube

Download: here


Запустил. Закрыл. Больше

Запустил. Закрыл. Больше запускаться не хочет. Windows7 x64.
Таже самая беда была с Test version (Qt 5).
0.17.7 портабельная работает без проблем.



Программа не запускается.

Программа не запускается. Windows 8.1 x64. Предыдущая версия работает без проблем.

Any chance of implementing a

Any chance of implementing a switch to "mark read when changing feeds" and "changing folders" separately? I'm very used to navigating with the arrow keys and when I do that now everything is marked read before I can get to the individual feeds Sad

Disable options: "Menu -

Disable options: "Menu - Tools - Options - Feeds - Reading"

But then it won't mark the

But then it won't mark the individual feeds as read when I change them ;/

Guess I'll just stop using folders and switch to markers instead haha

уже больше года намекаю, что

уже больше года намекаю, что что не хватает группировки сообщений хотя бы по теме/автору...