Test version (Qt 5)


Hi funcy,

Hi funcy,

it would be good to know what to test in the test version Smile !!!

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Simply use the app as usual Wink

Thanks for test version.

Thanks for test version. However, can you please advise whether there is a risk of database loss/corruption and what should be done to protect the database during trial use of the test version inluded news updated with the test version (I have 10,000+ articles in my databse)?

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The database should not be

The database should not be damaged. But you can make a backup of the data: feeds.db and quiterss.ini

I've just compiled 0.18.2

I've just compiled 0.18.2 with qt5 and found a couple of bugs:

1. The setting SYSTEMQTSA=1 doesn't apply to qt5, and will break the build. Qt5 appears to handle the "single application" feature correctly without it.

2. Even if you don't configure with SYSTEMQTSA, the qtsingleapplication file still needs to be "patched" as follows, otherwise the qt5 build fails:
sed -e '/qtlocalpeer/ i #include <QDataStream>' -i 3rdparty/qtsingleapplication/qtlocalpeer.cpp

3. The qt5 version requires qt5-multimedia. This should not be the case, because qt5-webkit should be able to cover all web media.

Other than the build issues, the application appears to be working nicely on qt5 Smile

Qt 5.5?

1. 2. Qt 5.5?

3. The need for sound notification.

1,2. Yes, Qt 

1,2. Yes, Qt 5.5.0

3. I definitely don't want sound notifications on my computer, and would compile it without this, if I were able to...

1, 2. The repository already

1, 2. The repository already have correction.

3. Unfortunately, we can not rewrite the code because of one man.