QuiteRSS 0.16.0 (24.05.2014)

Main Changes:

  • Added: Case-insensitive filters, news searching and feed sorting
  • Added: Regular expressions support in user's filters
  • Added: Multiselect feeds
  • Added: Ability to set style table for news (Options->Feeds)
  • Added: News style "Rstyle_v1.2.css"
  • Added: Button "Share" in browser toolbar
  • Added: Option "View->Show/Hide->Status panel"
  • Added: Feed option "RTL" ("Display" tab)
  • Added: Feed option "Enable JavaScript" ("Display" tab)
  • Added: Ability to add action "Create backup" to toolbar
  • Added: Shortcut and button "Save page to DB instead of news description"
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Changed: Save path to folder of the last backup
  • Fixed: Data loss
  • Fixed: Opening links in external browser (Unix)
  • Fixed: Displaying incorrect time with consideration of local time
  • Fixed: Application autostart (PortableApps)
  • Fixed: Processing some feeds when authorizing using cookie

Download: here


hiya, would it be possible to

hiya, would it be possible to add a full text search across all feeds and all news?

Unfortunately, it's not so

Unfortunately, it's not so simple. But we have in plans to implementation of this function.

Посмотрите xapian -- может

Посмотрите xapian -- может быть несколько избыточным, но в комплекте с recoll (тоже qt4) превосходно лопатит почту.

Множественная выборка в

Множественная выборка в списке лент, не хватало, спасибо.

Добавьте пожалуйста возможность убирать кнопку "поделиться" с панели браузера, также как с панели списка новостей.

И еще в новом стиле отображения новостей, заголовок почти не видно синим шрифтом на сером фоне..

Паенль браузера немного

Паенль браузера немного специфичная и скорее всего я не смогу сделать её настраиваемой. Но я ещё подумаю.

Этот стиль реализовывал пользоваетль. Но вы можете заменить в файле стиля число "#0C60B1" на "%10" и можно будет задать цвет через стандартные настройки приложения.

Thanks for the great update.

Thanks for the great update. Rstyle v1.2 style looks better on widescreen if the width is auto. Wink

body {
  width: auto;

In the "News Filters" window,

In the "News Filters" window, manually moving up and down the filters' sequence always doesn't work.  Sometimes all the sequences mess up.  Sometimes it just doesn't move at all.

Please take a look and get it fixed in the next version.  Thank you.

Nice!  Thank you.

Nice!  Thank you.

Thank you for the continued

Thank you for the continued development and improvements to QuiteRSS. It's a fantastic reader but the only problem I have with it half the time is trying to figure out what the heck you're talking about in "Main Changes."  Your use of "option" is too loose.  You need to distinguish specifically what is a new *setting* or *selection* in "Options" or in a menu, main or context, or in a Toolbar customize "add."   For example, in this latest "Added: Feed option "Enable JavaScript" ("Display" tab)," I exepcted this to be in Menu>Tools>Options...>Feeds>General as there is a similar setting in Menu>Tools>Options...>Browser>General. It took a frustrating amount of time to finally find it in Menu>Feeds>Properties and in the context menus.  I believe you could avoid most confusion if you would limit the word "option" to what is in Options and use more of the "This>That>TheOther" model. As well a bit more information on some of the other feature descriptions, i.e. "Added: a new one." OK, to do what?? And as of this point I see "Shortcut and button 'Save page to DB instead of news description'" and don't know where that button is nor did I know QuiteRSS even has shortcuts. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Спасибо за софтинку, включил

Спасибо за софтинку, включил в сегодняшнюю сборку altlinux.org/regular с LXQt.

Thank you for the software, I've included it into recent en.altlinux.org/regular build with LXQt.

Hi, Thanks to development

Hi, Thanks to development teams for nice feed reader . Hope in future QuiteRSS support :

- sock proxy

- support a watches as FeedDemon program . I know program have filter but it make Label which not auto delete feed if that label reach 400 news for example. And it is not auto run when new feed come.

Thank you read my message. Good day to team!


Features sound very

Features sound very interesting.

[1] I like to know specifics of operation before downloading.  Is there a User Manual which is downloadable seperately from the install?

[2] Since I don't leave my computer running live non-stop, when we start a session of QuiteRSS (manual, not autorun/cron) at next boot, does it keep track of the last item downloaded during previous session and do full catch-up of all items since that last download, or is there a limit to the number of items that can be "caught-up", implying that there was a range of feeds that were not downloaded and the consequent information gap?

Previously I had time to visit sites and review news, but I no longer have the luxury of that much spare time, and I need to find the tool that will help me deal properly with this issue.  I am hoping that yours is that tool.

Thank you,


I haven't seen a separate

I haven't seen a separate user manual but there's a server side limit on the number of a particular RSS feed's entries and it's usually not that large; looks like QuiteRSS doesn't implement a client side limit and I don't think it's an omission, practically.

It's a very good news tracking tool indeed, I've used several (including google reader) and I had to drop all of the predecessors for their lack of effectiveness.