QuiteRSS 0.15.3 (06.04.2014)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Support for Mac OS X platform
  • Changed: GUI. Some visual tweaks
  • Changed: Adblock. Subscribe added
  • Changed: Empty news title is substituted by part of the news description
  • Fixed: Saving DB from memory to file
  • Fixed: Update application (Windows)
  • Fixed: Generation of the news URL
  • Fixed: Opening news URL without host with external browser
  • Fixed: Some feeds have no news URL
  • Fixed: Notification is displayed on primary monitor
  • Fixed: The path of the user style table for embedded browser doesn't save
  • Fixed: Moving feed to itself

Download: here


Sadly this latest version is

Sadly this latest version is crashing every two videos i click on liveleak.


downgrading to 0.15.2

Sadly the new version

Sadly the new version requires many more connections then the 15.2 one and my firewall is always screaming about it being an unwanted software. I'll stick with 0.15.2 for now.