QuiteRSS 0.14.1 (30.11.2013)

Main Changes:

  • Main: Increase application performance
  • Added: Audio/video player for podcasts
  • Added: User filters. Sound playing (phonon)
  • Added: User filters. Highlight news in notification
  • Added: Option "Hide tab panel if only one tab is opened"
  • Added: Address field in browser toolbar
  • Added: Display news link in status bar for 3 second while switching news
  • Added: More color settings
  • Changed: Close notification if all news have been read
  • Changed: Store cleanup wizard settings
  • Changed: If images are switched off no images are displayed in news description
  • Fixed: Application crash while clicking "Customize news toolbar"
  • Fixed: Application crash while using "Next unread news"
  • Fixed: Can't to open feed homepage
  • Fixed: Switch on next unread news even if no feed is selected
  • Fixed: Mark feed read (while filter is enabled)

Download: here