images not fully loading


Running QuiteRSS  Version 0.18.12 (02.07.2018), Revision git-3794-b4adf1f under Linux Mint 18.3, I am frequently seeing images and other content fail to load fully.  Here are three examples:


I've attempted to resolve this using various settings to allow jscript, etc. Nothing seems to solve the issue.

by the way, the reCaptcha on th is site is incredibly duplicative and unecessary... 6-8 panes of image checkoffs is really over the top.

Third image... https:/

Third image...
Fricking Hell! I had to run a gauntlet of 10 recapthcas even AFTER I'm :LOGGED IN???? Screw that...If you want user feedback, don't make it cumbersome.

Please stay polite! The


please stay polite! The security methods are implemented for a reason!
They might be annoying but they are necessary to avoid spam.

The loading images problem might be caused by a memory and/or cache issue on your machine.
Please make sure that the option "Load Images" under

Right click on the feed .-> Properties -> Display

is enabled for each feed.

Kind regards,