Manually set 'unread' status switches back to 'read'

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Hello, I think I might have discovered a bug in Quite-RSS:

When I read an article of a feed, it gets flagged as "read". Then I change it back to "unread",  because I want to read it again at a later time. So far, so good. 

But when I switch to another feed and then go back to to the first feed, the last article I had marked manually as "unread" automatically switches back to "read".

This is the default behaviour

This is the default behaviour if you select the following option:

Main menu->Options->Feeds->Reading->Mark news as read: on selecting. With timeout 0 seconds.

I also think that the article

I also think that the article switches back to "read" because it gets selected when I open the feed again, but why does this only happen with feeds where I manually set articles as "unread" before?

When I switch between feeds, normally none of the articles of the feed is selected automatically (and none is marked as "read").

Only when I switch to feeds where I manually set a read article to "unread" before, that article gets selected automatically (and is set to "read" again). 

I believe this happens because Quite-RSS remembers the last selected article of a feed and it automatically selects this article when you return to that feed. Is this really intended?

Oh, sorry, you're right. It's

Oh, sorry, you're right. It's not a bug. But it is another setting in the options which was causing this behavior: 

Under "Options" → "Feeds" → "Opening feed" the option "Position on last opened news" was selected. I've changed this to "Nothing to do" and now it's working as I expected it to do.