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Fester Bestertester

New user, having difficulty.
System: Kubuntu Linux, amd64, latest, fully updated.
Version: 0.18.3, with 0.18.6 advised.

Firstly, No .deb install for update immediately apparent among downloads. Download and build from source? I'm sure a significant number of *buntu users would appreciate a .deb of the latest ...

Then, In Options (F8) I now have System Tray set to 'Show system tray icons' and  'Move to System Tray' on minimise or close, and Tray icons set to 'Show count of new news'. The icon appears Hidden (with others in a System Tray sub-menu), and there is no option to Show or not. Can we please have this option? Or is there an combination of existing options for:
I'd like to see (as, likely, would others) the current state as a System Tray icon, with number(s) when Main window is not active (i.e. having minimised or closed the program itself) without having to 'Show hidden icons'.

Hopefully ...