My Whish List

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Wish List
* Options to play loud the feeds when receiving them - would open a new dimension for RSS reading like a sort of podcasting
* Sort the list of feeds by their URL - accordingly Sort the feeds by name in the menu
* Add a description resume in the notification pop-up - actually there is only the title possible in the notification pop-up
* Select max number of articles in magazine view - because QuiteRSS becomes quite slow in this view
* When adding a new feed show a preview list as like in Firefox - because we dont have to add the feed and delete it later if the feed is not correct
* Option to automatically download every image or item in every incoming articles to a selected folder
* Option to export the "newspaper" in text mode or in html to an other selected folder - to read on phone for example,
* Search in feed list - like in RSSOwl because I have 500+ feeds and it is usefull to just search the list
* Browse the pop-up notifier with Left/Right key and scroll wheele like in RSSOwl as it is much quicker than selecting the green arrows
* Save a back-up OPML file every time a new feed is added and every 2 days or 7 days (etc) llike RSSOwl because when QuiteRSS is closing bad it can destroy the database

* There is a bug when using the preview in the pop-up window, sometimes if there are too much articles in the pop-up, the pop-up will "overflow" on the height of the screen forcing us to close the pop-up and lost informations about the new feeds. To do this, enable preview on the pop-up notifier and put a large number of feeds to display on it. On very large screens it will not overflow but on small screens it will.

A lot of other stuff but these ones are the most hard for the moment

PS : If you need money just put a link in QuiteRSS to donate there is NO correct RSS reader and you will be the saviour