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Hi all,

I very like your program, this is very fast and very practical RSS program.

Only one feature missing for me ... to move news into a folder with news filter option.

Previously I created news filters in my old rss feed client, called FeedDemon, to filter incoming news with some given keywords, and move it to a dedicated folder. In this method I can filter out any important news from more than hundred of rss feeds, because i have to read only the filtered folder content.

This feature could be usefull for me in the QuiteRSS... Smile

Use labels and filters.

Use labels and filters.

It doesn't help ... because

It doesn't help ... because you can not mark as readed an article in Labels tree ... sad

I just switched to this from

I just switched to this from RSS Owl (couldn't get their dependancies to work on a new distro of linux without making things too messy) and have to second this. I would go even further to say that that this is the only new feature that matters to me.

The news filters there were very powerful, and while labels and filters are very helpful in organizing, this feature would add a whole new degree of freedom that makes much more possible.

Maybe for regular news it's hard to see why, but when you use rss feeds to search job/apartment sitess like craigslist with RSS feeds it really helps to weed out all the junk that comes up. You keep all your sources in different heirarchichal sections and you can pull from it as many searches as you want. Easily able to go with the flow and change things later. Otherwise you have to maintain all the different folders for each search individually which can get really messy really fast and is no bueno...



to speak in QuiteRSS terminology you require a "Move to folder" action.
But this is not really necessary. Funcy-dcm was a bit short on that.those days.

You can just define one filter including all the keyword rules.
For this you set the action "Set Star" and apply it to a set of feeds.
if you f.e. have a folder structure you simply apply it to the main folder and all containing feeds and subfolders.
If you then select the main folder and use the "Show Starred" filter in the news panel you get the required result.

Kind regards,


I understand what your saying

I understand what your saying but it is still limited in terms of usability for advanced features. "Starred" only leaves you able to narrow the search to one variation, and "labels" are also limited in number and their names are unchangeable If you have a lot of searches within a big set of folders, it doesn't work. Perhaps instead of "moving" it could work if the functionality of labels was either improved or duplicated under a new attribute called "tags" where users could set up their own custom fields (maybe with an RGB color picker for flexibility in visual distinction).

Although personally I think even better would be an implimantation that resembles Vienna's smart folders so that your not stuck to the heirarchies that you set up.