Making and managin profiles like browsers

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First I'd like very much to say thank you to all of developers and volunteers
for their work, for this software called QuiteRSS.
Since RSS is essential and very useful protocol for my needs, I enjoy and appreciate a client as QuiteRSS. It is, for now, the most feature-rich RSS client, with room for improvements.

I have collected many RSS URLs and having all to one sidebar is very dificult to manage.

It comes unproductive having a very long list with folders and feeds, making to spent much time to manage them. It is like having bookmarks in my browser with my work bookmarks related sites mixed with my banking bookmarks, my wife's bookmarks, my free time spending bookmarks in one place. You don't put different fruits in the same basket. You saparate them. As I do with my browser. I have in Firefox many profiles for certain purposes and tasks, each one with their settings, customizations, addons and bookmarks. Different profile for my work, different for my wife, different for my banking needs and different for my free time (like multimedia and online games).

I'd like to see this to QuiteRSS, to have the ability to create and manage profiles and run them in one instance, just like browsers do.

In Windows I use the portable versions and I have to make 4 different portable QuiteRSS with different file names for each purpose
and I open only one each time.

Also I'd like to see a date format like Tue 24 Apr 18.