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One of the features I like is the ability filter news by time.  From QuiteRSS's main menu there is a News\Filter News option, but it is a global feature and affects all feeds, and limited to either "Last Day" or "Last 7 Days".

What I want:

  • Filter news specific to an RSS feed.
  • Filter by number of hours or days.

Creating a new rul from "Filter Rules" does not have a feature to filter by time.



Unfortunately, this feature

Unfortunately, this feature is not requested by users and we did not plan to implement it. But you can add to the list of tasks:

I'm searching for the same

I'm searching for the same functionnality, is there some suggestion feed in GIT like there was in google?


It's missing to QuitRSS

It's missing to QuitRSS filtering by date, like NewsFox.

As he mentioned above I guess

As he mentioned above I guess funcy-dcm will not implement this.
Maybe there a date in the news text you can use?