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I've just switched over from RSSOwl, and am liking how nicely QuiteRSS runs everything. The one thing I've found that seems weird, though, is that when I drag a link from a feed (or the feed title) to my browser, it searches for the displayed text rather than going to the link. I know there's the "Open News in External Browser" button that works well, but the drag-and-drop did come in handy if I wanted to open it in a non-default browser (I switch between a few different ones) or place it on a particular location on the tab bar. Is there any way of tweaking this behavior so I don't have to use the slightly more roundabout method of Right Click -> Copy Link -> open new tab -> Paste?

To be clear. You want to drag

To be clear. You want to drag link from news description to QuiteRSS tab bar. Dragging link to external browser works fine. (version 0.17.0)

Actually, no. I do have 0.17

Actually, no. I do have 0.17.0 (revision 3394, portable), and when I drag a link to Firefox, it creates a new tab how and where I'd expect it to, but rather than opening the target of the link in the new tab (say, http://vpfarming.com/2013/06/16/mothers-earth-and-fathers-too/), it will instead search for the text you see in the feed (in this case "There aren’t many fathers around here"). In other words, rather than opening the site the feed author wanted to reference—where I'd go if I simply click the link—I instead have a search result (for you, probably in Google, Bing, or Yahoo) for a phrase that is probably not specific enough to get me to the correct page. It could be the particular combination I'm using (the portable version + Firefox + Windows 7), but I feel it might be something to look into anyway. Sorry!

EDIT: I think I might see where the confusion is coming in. If the feed writes the link out as an address, like the ones in this post, then dragging it will work as expected. If, however, the visible text is not the address, as in the case above (should probably have mentioned it's from http://vpfarming.com/2014/05/06/like-so-many-farmers-before/), then it will run into the issues I described.

This problem is Firefox,

This problem is Firefox, other browsers work fine. But I will do a hack. The next version will work.