Do you use embedded browser? (survey)

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I use the embedded browser when looking only at certain feeds. But when I click on links within an article, I always want those links to appear/open in my default browser.


Thanks for your feedback )

Thanks for your feedback )

No, currently used external

No, currently used external browser for view videos because QuiteRSS crash randomly. I found Firefox + Video Assitant plugin + SMPlayer best option.

If QuiteRSS not crash with videos, i used it!

No, exclusively using

No, exclusively using external browser. The internal browser runs fine for me, it's just not as feature rich as a standalone browser. It would be great if the "full" internal browser could be turned off, leaving only the "minimal" browser to preview the feed post.

I use the external browser,

I use the external browser, embedded browser doesn't work right (it used to, not anymore)