Can we have decent sized Picture Previews?

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I love the features of QuiteRSS and have been using it for almost a year now, but find the picture previews totally unusable, especaily for eBay and kijiji feeds, the pictures are much smaller than the search result pictures, even those served on an android device.

Is there a way to make the preview pictures appear at least the same size as they are delivered on the search results of these sites?

Right now the only way to see any decent sized picture is to load the whole item, which takes an enormous amount of bandwidth.

Thanks for considering something I consider essential, be at least avaliable as an option.

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I notice the RSS feed image

I notice the RSS feed image address ends with /$_14.JPG whereas the same picture on the search result ends with /$_35.JPG. Could this be a deliberate reduction in size from the originating website? Could there be a way to replace this code with the proper size code to get the picture at a usable size? 


Also I notice that if I replace the /$_14.JPG with /$_100.JPG 100 I get the image full size! So there is a way to do it in code, replaciong the ridiculously small 14% with any number at least to 100% by replacing that snipped of code in the feed querry. The question is, can QuiteRSS do it?

Currently QuiteRSS

Currently QuiteRSS unfortuantely can't do this automatically.

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OK, thanks for the heads up

OK, thanks for the heads up Smile