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Hi there,

I am new to QuiteRSS and although I am not a programmer, I do have a number of years experience with a number of feed readers. So far I have only found one (not exactly a feed reader) RSS feed reader that does this feature, to bookmark the RSS feeds with bookmarks of sites that don't have a RSS feed. As far as I know only Firefox's Live Bookmarks have this capability, but it lacks other features of a full featured feed reader so I shy away from it.

If you can figure out how to allow users of your reader to integrate news sites that do not have RSS/Atom feeds with sites that do, in the same folder, I think you would gain more people over time. I like to bookmark a lot of sites and I constantly find it frustrating to have to divide my RSS feeds seperately from non-RSS sites.

So far I really do like the reader though!

Thanks a lot. If you use my suggestion down the road, just give me a nod of credit somewhere!





for websites not providing a ress feed I would recommend to use  feed43

to create one for it.

Afterwards you can organize your feeds in QuiteRSS as you like.

Kind regards,