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Hi !

I am using RSSOwl for the moment and since a couple of years but I am considering to switch to another RSS Reader because I want to get rid of Java and also I want to get a portable RSS Reader.

QuiteRSS is for me the most interesting alternative to RSSOwl, but something is still holding me from switching definitively to it because of the lack of "News Bin" in it.

As you may know, the "News Bin" are used for copying or moving some news from a given feed to a designated "News Bin".

This is a very handy feature because you may keep in a single place all the news pertaining to a unique subject and at the same time you may, if you wish, eliminate these news from the feed they came from originally.

This way, you may keep in each feed only the news that you have not yet read or that you don't know yet what to do with and send the other news at a more appropriate place where to keep this news for a future consultation.

That is the way I work with RSSOwl for the moment and I would really like to see this feature being incorporated to QuiteRSS in order that I may switch to it in a near future.

Thank you very much for your listening and eventually for your comprehension.


Use labels.

Use labels.

No. It is not an effective

No. It is not an effective way of working.

@ Funcy-dcm

@ Funcy-dcm

All things considered, keep your software and I'll stay with RSSOwl and Java (which I really don't like).

I have seen some of your previous comments and your attitude is very often the same.

Someone, like me, is complaining about the fact that there is some functionality missing in QuiteRSS and your answer is to tell the user to use another functionality which is doing about the same but in fact is not exactly the same and doesn't do exactly the same thing. Often, the user who was complaining knew about this other functionality but really doesn't wanted to use this functionality because it doesn't do exactly what the user needs to obtain as a result.

Also, you often answer saying to the user asking for a new functionality that the majority of your users would not like this new functionality. We are not YOUR users and you really don't know what we, the users, want. So, stop speaking in our name please. WE are the users and WE know what we want.

Thank you.

@ Funcy-dcm

@ Funcy-dcm

I finally sincerely want to thank you for your stubbornness.

Because of it, I have finally made some researches about RSSOwl and I have found that there is a kind of "portable" RSSOwl available, in that sense that there is a version of RSSOwl which comes inside a zip file ( which doesn't need any installation and that can be found on this site :

However Java needs to be installed in your OS and RSSOwl will create a folder named ".rssowl2" in your regular User folder. This folder is usally very big if you have much feeds and news, but you may change its place by indicating the new location in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\RSSOwl\configuration\config.ini" file. Thus, if you run your OS on a SSD, you may put the data folder on a regular hard disk to save a lot of writing on the SSD.

The actual version of RSSOwl is almost 2 years old and I think that many people thought that this project was dead, but if you go on their website,, you will see that it has been completely redesigned : this is a clear sign that this organization doesn't intend to drop this project, that it is still alive and that we may hope for a new version of RSSOwl in an unpredictable near future.

Even without these new informations, I would have kept RSSOwl rather than turning myself to QuiteRSS, but now it is definitively what I will do : keep working with the best RSS Reader on the market, RSSOwl. wink

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