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Hi, It seems to have stopped using Youtube Flash Player plugin and from QuiteRSS not played videos, search external codec for use, but not play.

¿Any solution?



With external browser config,

With external browser config, playing videos from youtube, QuiteRSS v0.18.2 search local codecs for use html5. Not found Flash.

I return to v0.17.7 and all right. Playing videos in Flash mode with external browser config.

Please revise latest version, thanks.wink

My local codec seems to play

My local codec seems to play youTube videos fine, but it can't go fullscreen. Any time I click right mouse and select full screen, then double click to escape fullscreen, it hangs the program and I had to force close using task manager. Are there any ways to walk through it? The codec it used is lav video decoder.

I test lav video decoder, and

I test lav video decoder, and it sometimes blocks. ¿Other codec?.


Although I think youtube used webm and VP9, ¿true?. ¿It´s possible any codec for ffdshow?. The latest have VP8.


QuiteRSS v0.18.2 will thin, but this throwing back.

Really the transition to Qt5

Really the transition to Qt5 more problems than improvements Sad


Oh! blush


I reconfigured the codecs on PC, and with LAV codec default it works well with videos from youtube on QuiteRSS. Instead, I had to disable LAV cocec in the usual media player. And all right.yes


Good job! the last version is better, also the gifs animations play instantly.

How did you disabled?

How did you disabled?

It depends on the player

It depends on the player options, for example on BSplayer, go to Filter controls / Black list and add LAV codec.



Hi, with videos from Vimeo

Hi, with videos from Vimeo the aplication directly crash. Not load neither LAV codecs.

¿codecs can be included in the program itself?


I take also from the images not full window as in version v0.17.7, but not if it is a thing of the server, which adjusts the size depending on the device.



Hi, a few days ago not

Hi, a few days ago not playing youtube videos in html5, error! It appears. When the video link opens in a new tab if it plays but flash plugin.

On debug appears:

WARNING: DirectShowPlayerService::doSetUrlSource: Unresolved error code 800c0008


On other PC very good...



Is it fantastic!!! the new

Is it fantastic!!! the new version 19.4 internal play video very well, good job!!!