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I would like to know what is the use (if any) of the tick on the column just right to the star column? If we clic on it nothing happens just a change in the icon.




by clicking on the icon in that column you can mark a news as read respectively unread.

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May be I was not clear enough

May be I was not clear enough  it is not the green icon on the first line but the grey one on the second line ( at the left of title). If we are talking of the same icon it does not work for me

Please provide your feed's

Please provide your feed's column settings under

Right click on the feed -> Properties -> Columns.

I guess you are talking about column "Read" (tick sign in the header).

If so by clicking the tick sign in the header you order your news by status read/unread.

By clicking the symbol in a special news you switch the news status (read/unread).

ok Sheldon I have understood:

ok Sheldon I have understood: I had never read and unread at the same time it is why I didnt see the use of it. now it is clear .Thanks again

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