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i'm a new user-member running xubuntu 19.10. the uprgade did not migrate my rss feeds (500+). all settings in ~/.config/QuiteRss/ (except custom label names) were imported. i have a 500MiB feeds.db file in ~/.local/share/QuiteRss/QuiteRss/ and a recent backup. can someone tell me how to get quiterss to read or import the database file? i have no opml file to import. thank you.

See new paths: Menu - Help -

See new paths: Menu - Help - About - Information

that's useful. i looked at

that's useful. i looked at feeds.db with a database browser for sqlite. i know nothing about sqlite. i have never before used the db browser either. but in the db browser for sqlite i can see that feeds.db seems to contain the feeds tree (all urls) and probably also the feed list for each feed. unfortunately, the feeds tree in the quiterss ui shows only 1 feed (quiterss). is that a connection problem with databases.db, i wonder? or is the feeds tree just not being displayed for some simple reason?

You need to replace feeds.db

You need to replace feeds.db with your (old). databases.db - this file is not needed. Send screenshots