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So here is what I am trying to do... I use an RSS reader to read tickets. We use request tracker which is an open source ticket system we are using in our it department. There may be a queue for open ticket which have a category called open and when they are closed the category changes to closed. So on quite RSS when I refresh the open tickets the one I  closed is still there. I realize that is a standard function of RSS. But I would like each feed to refresh fully and not just pull new ones. Is that possible?

Send link feed.

Send link feed.

I don't sure to understand

I don't sure to understand you quite well. Could you descibe your process or behaviour that you want to be implemented.

Sure... Our Ticket System is

Sure... Our Ticket System is an online hosted system... (It is called RT, and open source package).

You fill out a ticket and change the status from OPEN to CLOSED... I want to you Quite to read the system but when you download a feed for all tickets which are OPEN, you need to REDOWNLOAD for all which are STILL open (If I changed them to closed, they still show up in OPEN, becuase Quite Does not redownload the feed.)