Update Feed URL?

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Sometimes I like to update the feed URL (right click on feed -> properties -> general tab) for a feed and force an update to combine multiple items into a single feed.

For example, I might make a feed for a YouTube channel. http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/numberphile/uploads?max-results=50

YouTube only lets you fetch pages of size 50 so I can update the feed URL to
force an update, and then I should get the next 50 videos in the same feed.

The issue is that this doesn't seem to work in QuiteRSS. If I force an update it won't fetch the next 50. I'm wondering why even let the user change the feed URL for a feed. Does it have any effect or is there some optimization that's preventing the update?

Is there any way to do this in QuiteRSS?


On a sort of related note I noticed that if you completely delete the feed URL for a feed, it will turn into a folder with some weird effects. It will display a number of unread items, but you can't access them or change it back. This seems like a bug.