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Hello, I use QuiteRSS on windows from quite a while and it is very confortable.

I like reading full articles in the preview as it's quite nice and so I don't have to open the browser.

On some websites coloured fonts are used, often with a dark background.

I have quite a problem reading as often I have news containing white text as it becomes invisible with the white background.

You may chack here what I mean: http://blog.libero.it/paoloalbert/13510731.html

I know I can change the background colour but doing that messes up with other colours.

I would want to know if it's possible to change the white text into black or maybe all the thext into black.


Thanks a lot

Add the following lines to

Add the following lines to the file "news.css" (located in the "style" directory):

span {
    color: %13 !important;



alternatively you can go to

Tools -> Options -> Fonts & Colors -> Tab Colors

and change the "News text color".

Kind regards,


Unfortunately, in this case

Unfortunately, in this case it will not work.

Thanks a lot, this solution

Thanks a lot, this solution works very well!