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What settings should I tinker with?

Menu > Tools > Options > Network Connections > Options network requests when updating feeds (requires program restart): maybe?

The thing is, some feeds do not load always. When I right click on the feed and press Update Feed (F5), they are much more likely to load.

I have no similar problem whatsoever with Firefox's built in feed reader.



please check the update options for this feeds in tab "General" under

right click on the feed -> properties

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Yes. And what settings should

Yes. And what settings should be checked? It all has been default. It's not a public RSS feed, actually.

Please provide the feed for

Please provide the feed for testing.

You can try to disable the automatixc update and try only the manual update. Does that work?

Sorry, the feed in question

Sorry, the feed in question is from from a private subscription site, can't give out.

But it basically works like this: most of the time doesn't load with default settings, (red X sign), I press F5 (reload), it loads as it should.

Question: maybe what default settings to change, so this private feeds loads at first like all my other feeds?

Edited to add: If I remember correctly, 3rd party, unofficial, Twitter2RSS and Facebook2RSS feeds did (not) work the same way (red X ifrst, reload, f5, then it works). If all else fails, I can make up a Twitter2RSS or Facebook2RSS for you to show, though I don't use such for now, I'm not sure which works at all.

Thanks for your work!

Is there an update

Is there an update restriction for this feed on server side?
Some of my feeds f .e. cam only be updated every 6 hours.

Did you activate the option "Automatically update every ..." under
Right click on the feed -> Properties?

If there is a restriction the defined value should fit.
If you enforce the update by F5 this restriction might get overruled to a certain extend.

I can hnestly don't know

I honestly don't know about any possibly update restriction. Nonetheless, I've increased the refresh interval on your suggestion. Thanks!