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Hi, i've looked everywhere for tips or guide how to use the filter properly but having no luck.

I have a feed loaded, around 100 news everyday.  I've filtered the ones I want to read and ignores the others.

I can only see in the filter that I can "Label" the news I want to read at later time but there's no "Move"?

Now, my news is climbing up to at least 1000+ but what happen is, when I want to empty it, I had to select all and delete the news but it's hard to find and track the one i don't want to delete - so, with SELECT ALL - this deletes everything including the label but what I'm hoping is to keep them as archive - i'd like to know if there is a way how to MOVE into a new folder or something.

Can someone give me tips? - or possibly a new features to be add if it's not supported?

Currently I'm using 0.18.9 (Rev 3750) - I do hope this is "Up To Date".




you can just use the delete action for your filter. All matchng news will be deleted at the next QuiteRSS launch or news update.

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