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I was wondering where QuiteRSS stores the feedlist / database.

Had a rather serious hardware failure (PC released the magic smoke and is now a rather large paperweight) but the harddrive survived. I hadn't backed up my feed list yet (I know, silly me) and would rather not have to re-enter the 90 or so feeds and custom filters I had setup.

So - from what I gather from googling around, at least the feed list is kept in some kind of SQL database?

Ìs there even a way to restore the old filters, settings and feed lists by importing files from the old hdd to my new computer?


System: Elementary OS (Linux) & LinuxMint




the data inluding the filters is stored in the file feeds.db
The settings are stored in the file QuiteRSS.ini.
Try to find these files.

During each version update a backup of these is automatically generated and can be found in the folder

i recommend performing a regular backup in the futere.

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