Resizing the QuiteRSS screen, not to be Full Screen

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Bill Lee

QuiteRss used to open in a nicely sized 3/4 window.

Suddenly when I open it, it runs Full Screen,

Yes, I found the Alt+Space menu.  But there is no "frame" with a

button to set it to a particular size.

From the FULL-SCREEN, Alt+Spacebar

gives: Restore (grayed-out)

Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize.

So, for me, Move to a part of the screen,

Then reSize to a smaller portion of screen,

shortening the display, and also narrowing the width.

** Is there some internal setting to preserve this?  Set it up?


Bill Lee
Ok, Problem solved with a

Ok, Problem solved with a sytem reboot

and new start to QuiteRSS.

The "frame" with the menu bar came back

and it opened as the 3/4 window size.

Somehow it had lost the menu bar, the frame and any internal

guides as to resize and up/down buttons

A reboot solved my problem, system reboot and re-invoking QuiteRSS

Bill Lee
Maybe I had pressed some form

Maybe I had pressed some form of F11, (expand to full screen)

And F11 is also a toggle (expand to full screen / contract to previous size)

I went to Tools/Options/Keyboard shortcuts and see a long list, but I can't print it out, or capture for later reference. 

Is there a "manual" now, with this list and information in it?


Meanwhile I am tryiing various things with the messages such as:

Filter messages,  Ctrl+A (All) and then toggle Read / Unread to leave some highlighted (bold), or Not

Undo tagging based on filters and save, Or Not

Interesting to see the shortcuts which are tools in that Tools/Options/Keyboard shortcuts List.




what kind of manual do you need?

You can simply modify the shortcuts by selecting an action from the list and typing the shortcut on your keyboard. After the shortcut appears in the field shortcut press OK.

Kind regards,