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I use filters to grab certain articles from websites to search for freelance opportunities. I'd like to use a regex filter to delete spam articles first, so they don't show up in the filtered list.

One of the common things spam articles do is have symbols in their names. Real articles never do this, so it's an obvious filter to use. I've tried using the following regex search in article titles, but it doesn't seem to be working:


This should match any title with non-word characters at the begining of the string.

Can someone tell me what flavor of regex I should be using, and if there are any peculiarities to using it in filters?



QuiteRSS uses Perl related regex.

Please try this regex


If this doesn't work please provide a sample feed url for testing.

Kind regards,






Thanks! I should be able to

Thanks! I should be able to find my way using now that I know what format it uses.

I will try your recommendation.