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I have two computers, one is my work computer and the second a gaming PC.
On the work computer, Quite RSS works starts up no problem.
On the gaming computer Quite RSS will not start.
I have tried uninstalling and deleting all the folders and nothing still it will not run.
Aldo, if I look in the Task Manager, its listed as running but there is no GUI
I have full administrative privileges

Any help would be appreciated,

Try test version: http://yadi
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OK the test version did not

OK the test version did not start.
i started killing programs and trying if QuiteRSS would start.
I ended up with NahimicVRSvc32. Once I killed this program QuiteRSS started.
I checked and NahimicVRSvc32 is part of the audio for my MB and Gaming.
I wont be gaming and using QuiteRSS at the same time but figured you might want to know