Is QuiteRss strong enough for running serveral years without any interruption?

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I used many RSS reader and finnally found QuiteRss is really nice. I would buy if QuiteRSS has a Pro version. For a research purpose, I have to keep a RSS running serveral years without any interruption. Till now(two weeks), I think QuiteRss is good enough. However, I am not sure what will happen if a put QuiteRSS on a web server and keep it running forever. Assumed that QuiteRss's running environment is stable,are there some suggestions? Thanks. 

supplement: I suggest that

supplement: I suggest that keep QuiteRss storage slim and clean is a key problem for a long time running. If the local disk or remote disk has enough space for feeds.db, for excample, 50 T. If the 50T disk is enough for QuiteRSS's 10 years running, the only problem is to keep QuiteRss slim and clean, which means that QuiteRsss need a periodical clean for the current feeds storage or display. In fact, I choose the option that "Do not keep a backup in Memory and just save all feeds on feeds.db instead'. I thinks this option is necessary but not enough. Are there any options that can keep QuiteRsss has the minimum burden during serveral years' running?  

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LOL I can't keep it running

LOL I can't keep it running for 15 minutes without it crashing.  And don't try opening more than 2-3 tabs or it will crash.