QuiteRSS doesn't start after unclean shutdown

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Hi everybody,

I did a shutdown of my PC without closing QuiteRSS and it told me so when I wantet to restart it today. That is normaly no problem, because it does some checks and after that I can restart the application a second time (wouldn't it be possible that QuiteRSS opens automatically after cleaning the database???) and everything works perfectly.

But today it shows me only the Splash-Screen and after reaching 100% the app quits. I am not able to open my feeds anymore.

If I make a clean installation QuiteRSS starts normaly, but after copying the feeds.db into it, QuiteRSS shows the same "not opening" behaviour.

Has anyone some suggestions for me how I can fix this problem?



Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

maybe your feeds.db is corrupted.

Please try to open it with this db browser.


If the db is corrupted this will fail.

You can send the zipped feeds.db by mail if you like. I will try to repair it.
For the future I recommend to take care of a clean shutdown!

Kind regards,


Unfortunately I was not able

Unfortunately I was not able to repair your feeds.db yet. But I forwarded it to our project manager.
Maybe he has an idea.

To avoid such a situation in the future I recommend backing up the files feeds.db and QuiteRSS.ini on a regular base.