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I have a couple of feeds I'm trying to follow that are formatted like this one: http://ir.homedepot.com/rss/news-releases.xml

As it turns out, on adding them to QuiteRSS (or a few other readers I've tried out) they show all their content.

However, they don't update when new content is added.  Does anyone have any advice on how to force / allow these types of feeds to be updated once new content is added?

Thanks for the assistance.



I monitored the feed you provided for a few days and cross-checked in Firefox.

There were no news published since 2019-05-07 13:00:00.

Please keep in mind that you can only receive the xml file content. Whatever you see on the website.

If that is not stored in the xml file you will not get it.

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Thanks for the reply ...

Thanks for the reply ... Maybe I'm missing something ... From my corner of the world, this feed last published on 2019-08-22 ?

@jcmxy - true

@jcmxy - true

just imported the RSS @ app, working 1o0%

to be honest, when I play @

to be honest, when I play @ the begging something, wrong if you have download the RSS > delete manual, even do manual Tools > Clean up and ask for refresh doesnt take the entries!


possibly deleting the dbase is the choice.

Sorry, you are right! The

Sorry, you are right! The last news was published on 2019-08-22.

I ordered the news ascending instead of descending.by mistake.