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[h3]1. Summary[/h3]

I don't find, how I can quickly and automatically add new feed from browser to QuiteRSS.

If it not possible at the time, It would be nice, if it will be implemented.

[h3]2. Details[/h3]

At the time I need open feed link in browser → manually copy link → manually open QuiteRSS → click to [i]Add new feed[/i].

Is any way make it faster?

[h3]3. Examples for other apps[/h3]

I use:

[*][url=""]**Feed Preview Firefox addon**[/url]

For example, I open my feed — **[url][/url]** → click to *Subscribe* → success.




Delete, please.

Delete, please.

What markup on this forum?



you can use an OPML file to import a list of feeds into QuiteRSS.

To import the OPML just go to

File -> Import Feeds ...

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