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Hi everybody.

Asking in Questions, I hope I don't know how to do it but it is possible.

For a Feed configured with Properties->Display->Show news' description instead of loading web page I'd like to preload/cache all the external images referenced in the feed.

So basically when I start going through all the new items in the feed there won't be the slight delay for every item, when the external images are loaded. Pre-loading could happen at feed refresh, when the single feed is opened for reading, or manually (action, button). I know some caching is already going on, because if I open an item I have the delay (pics are downloaded), then change news item, go back to the first one the display is immediate (no download delay).

Of course I realize this means

  • all images will be download, even for news items I won't read
  • network activity burst
  • possibly memory/db size burst
  • some usual scheme for purging the cache will be needed - I suppose that's already happening in the internal browser

Is this already possible? If not I'll just go and repost in the Feature Request Forum Section wink




Unfortunately, we can not do

Unfortunately, we can not do this

Thanks anyway!

Thanks anyway!