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I want to thank you for this reader. He is great. In KDE, in the tray I see the number of messages.
How can I show / not show duplicate messages?



unfortunately there is no such direct filter. But you could got to

Tools -> Options -> Feeds

and enable the option

Automatically mark identical news as read.

Afterwards you can use the pre-defined new filter

Show Unread

from the news panel to distinguish the duplicates from the others.

If you just want to get rid of the duplicates enable the option

Automatically delete duplicate news


Right click on the feed -> Properties (Ctrl+E)

for every feed.

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I set your solution. It's

I set your solution. It's good, but will there be a solution in the future to remove duplicate messages in all messages?

You can solve this already

You can solve this already now by setting the mentioned option under

Tools -> Options -> Feeds

and setting up a news filter under

Tools -> News Filters

using the rule

Status    is     read

with the action "delete".



Great. Where can I find a

Great. Where can I find a quick button , or keyboard shortcut to use my filters?

Your solution deletes (read) all messages first and then unread. I want to leave messages and get rid of duplicates.

So stick to the second

The filter I suggested deletes all read messages. If that doesm't suit you please stick to the other solution.