Id there a character limit for RegEX in news filters?

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I've been slowly over the course of 8 months filtering out TV programs im not interested in from a news feed via a RegEX news filter.

Today when i tried to paste in some more shows it would only paste in 5 characters of the 30 i had copied, i tried other regex filters id set up and they accepted the full 30 characters so the only thing i can think of is that there must be a total character limit either for RegEX or the database.

The total character length is 32767 according to Notepad++

To get round this i just made another RegEX filter to run alongside the full one but was just curious if the limit is because of the database or RegEX.

I am using a regex in a news

I am using a regex in a news filter that is over 300 characters long, so I do not thing there is a limit at 5. Are you willing to post a sample of your regex and where you are pasting it?