How to stop from downloading all feeds?

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I've looked at all the options. Set feeds to one day.

I set "maximum days of news to keep" at 2

But not working.

I only want feeds that are less than 48 hours to get downloaded.

Or....could I have a filter that deletes anything older than 48 hours?

I have craigslist feeds, and I get thousands....since August....leads are old, I only want fresh ones.



due to the fact that a feed's content is defined on server side it is not possible to restrict the news to download from the client side (QuiteRSS). For that you would need a filter option on the server side.

To define the news that have to be automatically deleted by QuiteRSS go to

Tools -> Options -> Feeds -> Clean-Up

and enable f. e. the option

"Maximum age of news in days to keep".

In your case you might set the value to 2.

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