How to increase the number of characters on preview window?

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I would like more characters on the preview pane, is there a setting for that?

I see it ends at [...] but that is not enough infomation, I need more text.

Is this possible?

If no settings, is there a file I can modify to change that and how?


Menu - Tools - Options -

Menu - Tools - Options - Notifications

I think by "characters" and

I think by "characters" and "preview window" Bruno is referring to the content in the classic layout browser pane and not for the tray icon notifications.

Around a month from now, North Americans will be treated to a spectacular solar eclipse. But you...

Sometimes the text will end as a bracketed elipsis [...]

Or some text ended with a "read more" link.

Or all the text.

Any of which with or without images and links.

I stand to be corrected, but judging by the variety it's probably the feed provider determining how much preview content is rendered.

For anything requiring greater attention I simply Open in New Tab.

Thanks dallas7, the feed

Thanks dallas7, the feed provider is Craigslist