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After updating to 16.1 and then 16.2 - my feeds have not uploaded at all.

I click 'refresh' and the timer flashes over each blog but fails to find new feeds.

When I visit the blog in a browser there are clearly new updates, but QuiteRSS cannot find them.

I use Windows XP. 


Send your feeds.db and

Send your feeds.db and quiterss.ini files (email: You can find paths to files by using main menu: "Help->About->Information"


Does the problem still exist?

Does the problem still exist?

Yes the problem still exists.

Yes the problem still exists.

Neither of the files I was asked to send are on my system - I've looked where QuiteRSS asked me to and there is nothing there.

It is very frustrating!

I've not updated to 17.1 - still no joy.

Send copy info: "Help->About-

Send copy info: "Help->About->Information"

Izee Noo (not verified)
Same problem. After cleaning

Same problem. After cleaning some of my feeds, all of them are not updating.