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Is it possible to keep the focus on QRSS when you open a news link in an external browser. That is when i select to open a link in external browser i would like to keep QRSS open , instead the auto closing of the QRSS program now when the link opens. Would like to open several links at a time and read them later.

Would this be the same thing as the Options>Browser> "open links in external browser in background(experimental) that i have "checked" ? If it is the function doesn't seem to work

Using Vivaldi browser and thanks in advance.



that's the right option to enable and it works fine for me. Do you use the latest QuiteRSS version 0.18.12? Alternatively you can enable the option "Stay On Top" in the view menu (F10).

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The "stoy on top" option in

The "stoy on top" option in the view menu solved my problem...Thank you very much......