Filters stopped being automatically applied?

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QuiteRSS 0.18.12, Revision 3794

Windows 10 Home x64 1809


I was utilizing some filters on a single feed, and it had been operating fine automatically. I added a second feed, and applied the filter to that feed as well, and now the filter is no longer automatically applied. If I press the "Run filter" button, it works like it should, but on the next feed refresh, the feed is populated with new items that should have been automatically filtered.


Here is my setup: I went to Tools > News Filters, then made a new filter that says, Match all conditions for Title: (doesn't contains) my filter. Perform these actions: Delete. Both feeds are checked on the right hand side in Feeds (including the folder that they reside in). The filter is checked in the News Filters dialogue.


Is this a bug, or did I do something wrong? For clarity, I just want the filter to be automatically running at all times, like it was previously. Any help would be appreciated.

Something else I've noticed

Something else I've noticed about the behavior of QuiteRSS: The feeds whre the filter is supposed to be applied, the news that shows up that should be filtered but isn't, is automatically marked as read. The filter is set to delete the news, not mark it as read. This is starting to look more and more like a bug to me.

I've figured out the issue.

I've figured out the issue. The two feeds have a lot of exactly the same news items, which was exhibiting a bug causing the filter to not run. What fixes it, is to go to Options > Feeds > uncheck Automatically mark identical news as read. This allows the filter to run as it should, without issue.