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just a small question to make sure I got the db fields meaning right..

As I can see in feeds.db you maintain two main tables. These are

- feeds
- news

For unread news you use the flag "read" in table "news".
This holds the values

- 0 = read
- 2 = unread

Are there more values in use for this flag?
If so which are they and what is there meaning.

In parallel the field "unread" in table "feeds" holds the count of unread news in a feed. Is this right?
Are there any other settings in feeds.db to take into consideration if it comes to read/unread feeds?

Thanks in advance!

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For unread news you use the

For unread news you use the flag "read" in table "news".

- 0 = unread
- 1, 2 = read


Yes, sorry! I just mixed it up by mistake.
That's what happens if you write it during watching hte german soccer cup final! Smile

But my query looks it up the way you discribed
What''s the difference between read=1 and read=2?
Currently I use 2. So far i didn't find the value 1.



If application is running, the field value can be = 1 (in some cases - for internal purposes)

Thanks for the explanation!

Thanks for the explanation!
So if I want to set it to "read" by an update query i should set it to 2, right?